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Welcome to Granite Guardsman LLC

Custom Fixed Magazine Ma Compliant Builds


Each of our builds begins with a customer consultation. You tell us what your stated purpose is for the rifle you want built. Common reasons are plinking, target, hunting, and defense

At this time decisions will also be made regarding components including but not limited to trigger group, barrel length and profile, furniture, and sights/optics

Estimate and Assembly

Based on the options and accessories chosen during the consultation we will put together a comprehensive estimate of  the build price, and upon approval of the final design your rifle will be assembled to the agreed upon specifications.

*A  10% Non-refundable deposit will be required before parts will be ordered and work will begin

Restriction Removal Guarantee

If and when detachable magazine rifles become legal to own again in Massachusetts, Granite Guardsman will remove the fixed magazine and modify the receiver to accept detachable magazines on any of our builds at no cost to the customer